Ok, who keeps me sending me “Mom’s wanted to be paid to lose weight?”




Questions I asked myself:

Do I want to get involved in a group at my age?

Will I be dredging up things best long forgotten?

Or, will I be rediscovering gems?

Maybe, if I dredge them up, I’ll start to see me.

Or, I could focus on the gems.

Do I really want to go there? Am I afraid?

Of what? This could be exciting!

But, do I really want to go there?

To others who may be contemplating a journey down memory lane:

Fear not, its not uncharted territory. You’ve been there and done that.
You have only to open doors, perhaps long closed.
Memories will be released from exile.
Like butterflies, they will flutter out faster than you can commit them to paper.
Some memories are gifts that make you smile on dreary days.
Like wine, they may have improved with age, especially if they are seasoned with humor and compassion.
Other memories may need to be tucked away and dealt with after the aging process has softened their impact.
So, jump in. Open a door or two.
See what flutters out. If you have children, they’ll love them.
Mine do.
So many things I never shared with them because I didn’t think it was important.
I was wrong.
Jean Burr, December 15, 2009