The Infinite Frog

    The final words I heard last night before drifting off to sleep were these:“Just so you know – there’s a toad in the living room.” Thus continues the never ending saga of my cat, Garfunkle, and his determination to bring us every conceivable essence of wild life. Upon hearing those words, I didn’t open… Continue reading The Infinite Frog


The Little Church By Another Lake

I love to get in the car and drive. I could go for miles, sit for days behind the wheel. Taking in the sights and sounds and smells of little towns and hamlets, big city worries in my rear view mirror. It's a form of therapy that only cost me as much as the fuel… Continue reading The Little Church By Another Lake



Friday, September 18, 2009 CAT DANCING AT THE LIMINAL There’s a certain time of the morning which has no specific name. It’s the time before the sun has peeked between the clouds, but after the darkness of the night. It’s not yet dawn. To call it pre-dawn would diminish the intensity of the feeling, as… Continue reading CAT DANCING AT THE LIMINAL


Coming Home

According to the liturgical calendar for Christians, we have just entered the Easter season, and will soon move into what is known in Church teachings as “Ordinary Time.”  Between Advent and Easter the days are grouped within cycles which determine feast days, celebrations of saints and which portions of scripture are to be read.  Our… Continue reading Coming Home



I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately, and what it really means. It appears to be the ultimate test of character and faith to endure and survive such occurrences that make us question the very foundation of our character.  We are who we are because of the circumstances we are thrown into, and how… Continue reading Forgiveness



The shortest sentence in the bible comes from verse John 11:35: “Jesus wept.” It was in response to standing at the tomb of his dear friend upon arriving at Bethany, the home of Martha & Mary. Lazarus had already been laid to rest for four days when Jesus proclaimed "Lazarus, come out!" The dead man… Continue reading NEW EYES OF LAZARUS


A SACRED WALK – For my Mormon friends

Several miles from the four corners of the Four Churches in the Town of Palmyra lies the Joseph Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove. A natural old growth forest in easy walking distance from the boyhood home of Joseph Smith, Jr., it has been preserved and maintained as hallowed ground. Although the exact location where… Continue reading A SACRED WALK – For my Mormon friends

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With the parade of celebrities and public figures passing away this year, seemingly one after the other, it makes me wonder why I felt their death so strongly. Although I will agree Michael Jackson certainly had issues, I loved his music and enjoyed witnessing the passion with which he sang. Actress Natasha Richardson’s fatal skiing… Continue reading EYES OPEN