Shiny Things

We were first introduced by a mutual friend while sitting at a bar. My mother always told me “never trust a man you meet at a bar, cos he’s only looking for one thing.”

This was a little different, however, as it was at a high end neighborhood restaurant and everyone knew most everybody there, save for a few visitors to this quaint little town we live in.

In fact, it astounds us now that we didn’t meet sooner.

I had just finished up a late dinner, having come straight from work as a clerk in a jewelry/fine gift shop. I still had on the rings, earrings and necklace we were promoting that week. But more noticeable were the stacks of silver bracelets I wore on each arm, going from my wrist to the middle of my arm. They were shiny and made a clicking noise every time I used my hands.

There were so many that I felt the need to explain myself as I reached out my hand to shake his as introductions were made.

“I don’t usually get all decked out with all this jewelry” I explained as his big bear hand grabbed mine.

“It’s okay to be shiny, Eileen. Shine all you want.” He has made me shine ever since.

So it was especially touching and heartfelt as we entered a store this Valentines week to buy me a silver bracelet, earrings and necklace. The name of the jewelry store?

Shiny Things.