Love Hankies

  When I was a kid, I was afflicted with annoying hay fever.   I would suffer beginning from the first thaw of spring to the first frost of autumn.   My eyes would be itchy and red, and under my eyes would swell to almost double the size.   My throat would get hoarse and I wouldn't …


Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I dreamt of my parents last night.  What's odd about this is I never remember my dreams, much less dream of them at all. I woke up with my face wet with tears.  They streamed down the sides of my eyes, finding their way down to the line of my top lip.  As my thoughts cleared, I realized I was …

Sandals In October = From 2006

The sun is shining brightly this beautiful day, another gift from the Sun God. It is mid October and the past week has seen temperatures heading towards 70 degrees, the true example of an Indian Summer up here in Western New York. I know the temperatures will be dropping today; the weather forecasters have delivered …


Its 2017 and I am celebrating my forty-second Mother's Day.  I woke up wanting to write about the birth of my children, both maternal and inherited, but celebrations and  commitments will steal the time needed to adequately share with you my experience of both the joy and  heartache of motherhood.   But I will write it, to be sure.  …


Written years ago, but still a great memory.

Eileen Loveman

I have a friend that emailed me today with the following: “If I have to referee one more fight between these three kids, I’m gonna loose my mind!”

Boy did that bring back memories.

I asked her if she had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich moment.

She didn’t. So I told her mine.

It had been another long winter and I had just left the doctors office with what seemed like the hundredth prescription for Amoxicillin, the medicine for ear aches.

My kids were 4,5,6,9 & 11 years old at that time and they seemed to pass the dreaded illness from one to another. At least they took turns.

It seemed like we traveled in a pack back then, since I couldn’t ever get anyone to baby sit them on such short notice during winter break.

We were headed to a diner, as it was close to suppertime and I was…

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Member of the Club

While spending time with my mother in the hospital, I was able to continue the routine that had begun with my siblings who had visited before me.  Since physical and occupational therapies were usually done in the morning, I would plan on seeing her about 11:30 a.m.,which was right before they hospital lunches were brought up.  …

Houston, Venus is Calling

Well, it never fails. Just when I start to get comfortable with life, the worst kind of crap starts flying around.  Case in point: What a rotten Mother's Day. (read My Mother's Trip to Venus)   Of course, it was great to spend time with my children, receive their cards and talk to them on the phone.  I …