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Memorable Memorial

American-Flag-Wall-ArtOn this reverent of days in the United State of America, let us honor those who have died in wars on land, on sea and in the air.

But let us not forget those who fell on September 11, 2001. They too have served in a war, been part of a bloody battle for freedom and righteousness.

Let us remember the women and mothers who went to work that morning. Kissed their husbands and babies and boyfriends goodbye and never came home. The young men fresh from college or business school or working their way through the trenches, climbing to find the real war was in a building 101 stories up. That the only certain relief was to jump.

The seasoned gentlemen who thought they had seen it all.

The ones who perished in an instant because they went to work that day.

They were not on a battlefield, on a ship or in a barracks. They were not on a plane or a military instillation. But when called to duty, they fought.

They fought valiantly and without hesitation. They were warriors and soldiers in the war against our country and our way of life.

A war not of their choosing.

But they fought until the end.

They are heroes.

Let us always honor them.

Let us never forget them.

Now, more than ever.

Blessed Memorial Day to all our beloved dead.


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