home grown stories

George & Bob Stories – Boys is Boys, Cats is Cats


George and Bob were brothers.

One was older than the other.

But I forget which one.

One day Bob saw the neighbors cat Tuesday sitting outside on the window sill of his house.

I wonder how he got up there?  Bob thought to himself.

As if reading his mind, Tuesday picked his head up, jumped down off the ledge and ran around the side of the house.

I wonder if I can do that?  he thought again to himself. I bet George would know.

Bob ran through the back door and into the kitchen, where he saw Mommy doing the dishes. Mommy (whose name was Madeline) was always doing dishes and folding laundry. George was sitting at the kitchen table, eating Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast.

George saw Bob running into the kitchen.  “Look Bob, a four leaf clover!” he said showing Bob a spoonful.

“Never mind that, George” Bob said. “Do you think you might be able to jump up to a a window like Tuesday does without falling down?”

Mommys ears perked up while standing at the sink, but she didn’t say anything.  She had visions of her two boys throwing themselves against the window.

“Huh?” George said as he stuffed another spoonful of pink stars and yellow moons into his mouth.

“Do you think you could jump up on to the window ledge like Tuesday?”  Bob’s face was turning red.  It only happened when he was getting frustrated.

George gave a couple last chews before swallowing. He looked at his brother and thought about what he asked him. Finally he answered.

“Yeah. I could.  I guess. But why would I want to?”

Bob thought about his answer before he said anything. Mommy was curious to see what he would say.

“Well, just to see if you could, that’s all!”

Just then Francine, their little sister, walked into the room. She had been listening while sitting on the floor in the hall way, changing the diaper on her baby doll.

“Let boys be boys and cats be cats” she said in a calm voice.

Bob shook his head. Who asked her anyway? “You’re a dummy Francine, you know that?”

“That’s enough Bob” Mommy said, turning away from the sink. “Go outside and let your brother finish his breakfast and apologize to your sister.”

“I’m sorry you’re a dummy, Francine!” he said laughing as he ran out the back door.

Francine looked at mommy, shrugging her shoulders. Her brother was silly sometimes, but she loved him anyway.

“You know that Bob loves you very much, don’t you Francine?”    275413SDC[1]

Yes, she thought.   “Even though he doesn’t know how to say it sometimes.”

“Thats right, sweetie. Sometimes he’ll just say something stupid instead.”

Sometimes boys are boys and cats are cats.

And that’s the story of George and Bob who are brothers.

One is older than the other.

But I forget which one.

© 2003 Eileen Loveman


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