home grown stories

Memorable Memorial

On this reverent of days in the United State of America, let us honor those who have died in wars on land, on sea and in the air. But let us not forget those who fell on September 11, 2001. They too have served in a war, been part of a bloody battle for freedom… Continue reading Memorable Memorial

home grown stories


This is the fun part. The reward for missed dinners, laundry baskets around town full of smoke laden shirts, dirty rugs from boots caked with mud, sore backs, sore muscles and smoky, blood shot eyes. Besides the obvious gift of coming home at all, its one of the few thank you gesture they receive. Even… Continue reading THE FUN PART

home grown stories

George & Bob Stories – Boys is Boys, Cats is Cats

George and Bob were brothers. One was older than the other. But I forget which one. One day Bob saw the neighbors cat Tuesday sitting outside on the window sill of his house. I wonder how he got up there?  Bob thought to himself. As if reading his mind, Tuesday picked his head up, jumped down… Continue reading George & Bob Stories – Boys is Boys, Cats is Cats