Easter Stories

Bending With The Wind


The pink and white tablecloth has been laundered and folded, put away on the shelf for the next Easter holiday gathering.

The green and yellow grass remnants from full chocolate filled baskets handled by little hands (and not so little hands) are securely wrapped around the dust of the day in the vacuum cleaner canister.

The yellow and pink blooms were still on the table, beginning to wilt a little, while the sturdy, hardier plants are waiting to be planted, once the rain stops and the ground warms up just a tad more.

The leftover ham on bone has been sliced, diced and boiled for future meals, in true ‘don’t waste a thing’ fashion, the scent of onions, garlic and veggies lingering in the air.  I am very mindful of those who didn’t have the same Easter as we did this year.

‘We’ being the gathering of people, older and younger, the addition of friends both long term and short, and the noise of joy surrounding the promise of warmer days to come, a true Easter miracle to have awoken to an 80 degree morning in upstate New York this early in April.

The morning was spent worshipping at the new-to-us church down the road from our house, so close we could walk on sunny summer mornings if we want to.  Perhaps the beginning of  yet another  new church family,  we spent the time singing and praying with them, and listening to another point of view regarding the resurrection and its effect on mankind.  The message not delivered in the same fashion as we are accustomed to, but a universal message nonetheless.

I think of my siblings, scattered across the country, and know they are having similar thoughts.  We know that we are lucky.  We have food, we have friends, and we have successful children who make us proud.

We spent the day with those we love and who love us, unconditionally.

We spent the time eating and drinking, laughing and dancing, not worried about what is on the horizon.  Waiting and receiving the phone calls from those who live far from us, it makes the family tree all that much stronger.  Our connections are complete.

The green buds of the maple, and the flowers of the apple & peach trees are starting to poke out from around the rough bark of the foundation of which they live.

I strive everyday to make sure our family foundation is strong, able to withstand the winds of change or dissention.  Branches bend and so must we.

“Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” (Martin Luther)

May the buds of springtime in your life continue to blossom, the promise of new  challenges continue to bless you, and the knowledge of our blessings continue to strengthen our faith.

We are called to be a Resurrection people.










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