Easter Stories

Easter Flowers

Although written years ago, it rings true today...... Easter is my favorite time of year. Not Christmas or Thanksgiving. It is without a doubt, Easter. It signals the beginning of Spring, the awaking of a new season and the end of the liturgical year. Ordinary time begins. When I was a young girl, the signal… Continue reading Easter Flowers

Easter Stories

The Easter Tablecloth

I have a faded pink and white tablecloth used only on Easter Sunday, and has seen its share of holidays over the years. I bought it when I was newly married and thought to myself “this should last a few years….” Ground in Easter bread crumbs, tomato sauce and red wine with dinner have graced… Continue reading The Easter Tablecloth

Easter Stories

The Good Friday Bet

Every Easter season my children and I have this little ritual.  It's called the Good Friday Bet, and it is simply this:   I bet them $10 that on every Good Friday, at 3:00 pm, it will rain. The first time I bet them, the youngest three were third, fourth and fifth graders in Catholic School.  It was… Continue reading The Good Friday Bet



Friday, September 18, 2009 CAT DANCING AT THE LIMINAL There’s a certain time of the morning which has no specific name. It’s the time before the sun has peeked between the clouds, but after the darkness of the night. It’s not yet dawn. To call it pre-dawn would diminish the intensity of the feeling, as… Continue reading CAT DANCING AT THE LIMINAL