Sandals In October = From 2006

The sun is shining brightly this beautiful day, another gift from the Sun God. It is mid October and the past week has seen temperatures heading towards 70 degrees, the true example of an Indian Summer up here in Western New York. I know the temperatures will be dropping today; the weather forecasters have delivered… Continue reading Sandals In October = From 2006

Thanksgiving Stories

The Butter Leaves of Letchworth

The leaves on the great Maple trees were so yellow, they looked like sticks of butter. Yellow and bright, they were everywhere I looked, behind me and before me, for miles and miles and miles, interspersed between the Birch and Pine trees. I was standing at the bottom of the gorge, a much traveled trail… Continue reading The Butter Leaves of Letchworth



Its 2017 and I am celebrating my forty-second Mother's Day.  I woke up wanting to write about the birth of my children, both maternal and inherited, but celebrations and  commitments will steal the time needed to adequately share with you my experience of both the joy and  heartache of motherhood.   But I will write it, to be sure. … Continue reading AND THE OSCAR WENT TO…….