Written years ago, but still a great memory.

Eileen Loveman

I have a friend that emailed me today with the following: “If I have to referee one more fight between these three kids, I’m gonna loose my mind!”

Boy did that bring back memories.

I asked her if she had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich moment.

She didn’t. So I told her mine.

It had been another long winter and I had just left the doctors office with what seemed like the hundredth prescription for Amoxicillin, the medicine for ear aches.

My kids were 4,5,6,9 & 11 years old at that time and they seemed to pass the dreaded illness from one to another. At least they took turns.

It seemed like we traveled in a pack back then, since I couldn’t ever get anyone to baby sit them on such short notice during winter break.

We were headed to a diner, as it was close to suppertime and I was…

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