home grown stories

Why Did You Do That?

I used to think it was the weather conditions that prompted the onslaught of memories I get sometimes.  Most often they are of my dad and his influence in my life in ways I never realized. On a cold wintry day such as this would, I sometimes wrap myself in a quilt and look out… Continue reading Why Did You Do That?


Good Night, February

The day started sunny and bright, but I knew the storm was coming my way.    The lake was calm with waves on sabbatical for the moment. As I drove the distance to complete my first errand, it was obvious a lot of other people had the same idea.  The roads were busy with last minute… Continue reading Good Night, February

home grown stories

What is it with Me and Birds?

Every now and then something happens that’s so utterly bizarre you have to tell someone else to make it real. I was driving to my destination with plenty of time before my day was to begin. Traveling at the 55 mile an hour speed limit (really!  I was!) a small sparrow flew right into my… Continue reading What is it with Me and Birds?

home grown stories


I have never paid much attention to hats, I just wore one until the occasion arose to slap on something different. Wool, knitted and colorful hats were smashed down on newly coiffed hair, with little or no concern to what it was doing to the just finished product.  Black knit, blue patterned, or white felt,… Continue reading Hats

home grown stories

A Valentine Tale

We used to hang out in the backyard of my house, and talk about the world and all the things that were happening in the neighborhood. How many ice pops we could eat before we got an ice cream headache and debate the differences between smooth peanut butter and chunky. His favorite action hero was… Continue reading A Valentine Tale

home grown stories

Steak and Baked Potato, Superbowl Traditions

Every year at Superbowl time I rerun this column - I'll be sure to get a call from all of them, even though they are most likely starting their own traditions..... Part of getting divorced is helping your children, no matter how old they are, understand certain things. You are not divorcing them, just their… Continue reading Steak and Baked Potato, Superbowl Traditions