home grown stories


ORIGINALLY WRITTEN 1/5/03 This is how pathetically organized I am. I have divided my friends into categories, and I have even given the categories names. This comes as no surprise to them and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. They accept this quirk I have and love me anyway. Okay, maybe it is a bit… Continue reading DUCK LOVE

home grown stories

Peeling Potatoes

Peeling potatoes. If I have peeled one potato in my lifetime, I have peeled millions.Being the oldest in an Irish house full of five children, we ate mashed potatoes every night. I mean every, single night, without fail. Sometimes mashed by hand, other times with the mixer, it was the secret ingredient for stretching the… Continue reading Peeling Potatoes

home grown stories

Listening to the Music

It seems whenever my life is in flux, I respond the most to music. More importantly, live music. I crave it.  It seems to relieve some deep animal instinct within me, calming my fears and soothing my nerves.  Whether I sit with friends or by myself, the effect is the same.  Peace. When my father died,… Continue reading Listening to the Music


Fish Fry – It’s Whats For Dinner

I don’t what it is like in your neck of the woods, but where I live it’s a sin to stay home on Friday night. I kid you not. EVERYONE goes out to eat on a Friday night, specifically for a Fish Fry. Especially during the Lenten season, you can’t find a soul home in… Continue reading Fish Fry – It’s Whats For Dinner