God’s Favorite Season (Written Oct 2005, but holds true today)

Another new season has begun.

It is time to put away that which is light and airy to be replaced with the somewhat heavier and deeper hues of beiges, browns and orange.  Bright yellow makes way for softer mustard, voluminous red departs for calmer tawny greens and navy blues.

The colors of autumn.

God’s favorite season, it is a time when the brilliance that lies within all of us is called forth.

Bursting in the shower of colors we possess, the aromas and flavors associated with such rainfall is as welcome as a comfy quilt on a cool fall evening.

A parade of new growth before the first frost, it is a final reach for the heavenly presence felt when looking at the clouds and enjoying the essence of nothing.

The lake is translucent, the shimmering of diamonds on top the water. Rocks glisten in the path of the rays of the sun, calling us to listen one more time to the waves as they crash against the shore.

As the tide goes out and in and out again, it reminds me that time does not stand still, and does not wait for any being’s command or plea to stop or slow its pace. The trees are bulging with fruit, begging to be harvested and relieved of the burden one more season.

Time does not stop for heartbreak or disappointment, nor does it look the other way when one falls or is injured.

Perhaps the balm to deal with such feelings is the changing of the seasons; for it reaffirms the continuity of life, the discipline of sameness, and the gift of renewal.

Autumn has got to be God’s favorite season. It reminds us that we are mortal, and our legacy is what we allow it to be.

Let everyday be a day of gratitude and thanksgiving, to be able to witness the colors all around us, not just in the trees and the birds or the fruits;  see the colors within ourselves, and use them wisely.