home grown stories

Remember This

I used to have a pretty good memory. In fact, I learned the multiplication tables by rote, thanks to the efforts of my father.  I usually think about him around Father’s Day, and that time in my life when he made it his mission to teach me the multiplication tables. His approach (like everything else… Continue reading Remember This

home grown stories

See You On The Other Side

Today is the second anniversary of my mother’s death; I thought it was so much longer, but my sisters assured me it is not. The last time I saw my mother she was fast asleep in her hospital bed.  Her face was calm and her breathing was slow.  She had spent a better part of… Continue reading See You On The Other Side

home grown stories

The Room at the Top of the Stairs to the Left

Living in a house filled with men is a lot different than living in a dorm or a house off campus. Of course, I’d never done either of those things until now.   I’ve been married to three men at different times in my life – not a fact I’m particularly proud of, but it… Continue reading The Room at the Top of the Stairs to the Left