The Tear Jar Synopsis

Emeline Guerin’s 21st century life is changed forever when she crosses over an abandoned footbridge and into the Kingdom of Doolittle. She is soon befriended by Riley, a chocolate brown Labrador retriever, her guide and teacher in an enchanted destination who has been awaiting her arrival to fulfill her destiny as Keeper of the Tear Jars.

After learning it is her fate to become the harvester of teardrops for the Jars of All Knowing, Emeline is tutored by the Kingdom’s beloved ruler Gaspar the Great , a benevolent gray goose.  Traveling effortlessly through time and space by crossing back and forth between dimensions via the footbridge, she collects and protects those who unknowingly contribute to the healing powers of the tears while distributing them to those who also unknowingly need them.

Returning to the Kingdom after many adventures, Emeline soon learns it will not be as simple to collect the tears after she meets Father Genarious, a cleric who has plans of his own for the sacred collection, using them for his own gain and to destroy the Kingdom full of magical creatures forever.