home grown stories

Blessed Fog

"It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog."  Joseph Conrad I couldn't seem to put my finger on how I've been feeling lately, but the quote above seem to fit it perfectly. That is what has been my constant companion the last few months:  A blessed, warm… Continue reading Blessed Fog

home grown stories

Friends and Emails

Its so reassuring to get messages from friends who are thinking of me.   Some are friends from 30+ plus years ago; others are newly formed and just as sincere.  Emails arriving in the form of quick messages have become the new condolence card, but the intent is the same. No long flowerly prose needed.  Just a quick "Hey -… Continue reading Friends and Emails

home grown stories

Peaceful Sleep

The last time I saw my mother, she was asleep.  It was a well deserved nap, having fought with oxygen tubes and breathing treatments most of the day.  She was exhausted and I knew she was ready.  She looked peaceful, almost childlike, laying on her side with her hands tucked under her chin.  It was… Continue reading Peaceful Sleep


Member of the Club

While spending time with my mother in the hospital, I was able to continue the routine that had begun with my siblings who had visited before me.  Since physical and occupational therapies were usually done in the morning, I would plan on seeing her about 11:30 a.m.,which was right before they hospital lunches were brought up. … Continue reading Member of the Club

home grown stories

The Dead Don’t Eat French Fries

Having spent the last few days with my mother in a long term facility for stroke patients, we've begun to understand the way her damaged mind works. Shes lost her appettite and will only eat chicken nuggets and french fries. "I'm dead" she said to me in all seriousness. "No" I answered simply. "You're not.… Continue reading The Dead Don’t Eat French Fries