home grown stories

Intentional Caps

I was instant messaging my friend the other evening, and every time she responded, some of her words were in capital letters.  In the world of social media, this could be considered a no-no, as capital letters means the person is screaming at you, not “talking” in a normal state of voice. "Darn CAPS!” she… Continue reading Intentional Caps

home grown stories

Where The Rivers Run

“I’ve got a mind for business, and a body for sin.”  So went the immortal lines uttered by Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) in “Working Girl.”  It was 1988 and women everywhere were beginning to put down the coffee pot and lace up their power shoes, i.e., sneakers with socks over their nylon pantyhose, shoulder padded… Continue reading Where The Rivers Run

home grown stories

Life Is Too Short To Peel A Tomato

On February 23, 2006, my first Story was published in the Williamson Sun & Record.  It was an interview with the new Sodus Town Historian, Sandy Hopkins, and I was so nervous!  It was the first time I had done an interview and wanted to make a good impression on both Sandy and my new… Continue reading Life Is Too Short To Peel A Tomato

home grown stories


The long oblong table was set and the silverware shone brightly against the crisp white tablecloth.  Those of my children who could travel and their significant others were there, and as the waiter poured the water in our goblets, we each placed our napkins in our laps, precisely the way I had taught them when… Continue reading Familiarity


Houston, Venus is Calling

Well, it never fails. Just when I start to get comfortable with life, the worst kind of crap starts flying around.  Case in point: What a rotten Mother's Day. (read My Mother's Trip to Venus)   Of course, it was great to spend time with my children, receive their cards and talk to them on the phone.  I… Continue reading Houston, Venus is Calling