home grown stories


It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and things around here have finally calmed down. It all began Wednesday afternoon with the preparation for Thursday’s big dinner. The ingredients for the stuffing had been sautéed, the ‘first course’ soup bubbling on the stove. Pies baked and vegetables washed, the only thing left to do was peel the… Continue reading PEELING POTATOES

home grown stories


With the arrival of another Thanksgiving dinner, I am reminded of how things have changed. When I was a young mother with babies and cats, the preparation for the holiday seemed to take days. Scouring the newspaper ads for the various sales at the competing supermarkets was a week-long event, culminating with the Sunday paper… Continue reading SECRET OF THE ROUX

home grown stories


It is becoming increasingly harder for both of us each time he goes out of town. The weather is growing colder and I am reminded I need to turn the heat up to warm this little house. He misses me, and the dogs, and the life we’ve made together here on the lake. I miss… Continue reading NOVEMBER ROSES

home grown stories


The young woman sat across from the not-so-young woman. "Do you have any regrets?" she said suddenly. They were finishing up eating their lunch and it was quiet since both had been very hungry. Not ready for conversation, it was a surprise and she nearly choked on her apple pie. The not-so-young one put down… Continue reading AGREED DESTINATION

home grown stories


Beginning next April, a new state mandate will require every New Yorker to purchase new license plates over a two year period, whether they need one or not, at a cost of $25 per vehicle. The new plate requirement was included in the 2009-10 state budget enacted by Governor Paterson and New York City legislators… Continue reading A MESSAGE FROM SEN. MIKE NOZZOLIO

The Doolittle Chronicles


The change of season was in full swing. The winds of November were upon the inhabitants of Doolittle, and although they felt no chill or briskness in the air, it was apparent to Emeline she was experiencing autumn in the Kingdom. She remembered back to when she was a child in the convent, where the… Continue reading NOVEMBER IN DOOLITTLE