John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans” will most likely be the header across my tombstone, since it seems to describe my intentions I tried to keep throughout. “Shit happens” also seems to fit the bill at times too. In fact, it has become my mantra over… Continue reading SHIT HAPPENS

The Doolittle Chronicles


I've written many stories regarding the escapades of a dog named Riley. There's been stories of imaginary animal characters, magical, talking creatures of the air and the land and of the sea, all living in the Kingdom of Doolittle with Emeline. I used them all as metaphors to display the immeasurable kindness of humanity and… Continue reading MAPLE LEAF SOUP

Poetry & Prose


Magnificent meanderings My mind goes off to seek Beyond the boundaries set before The fences meant to leap Omniscinet perpetual The picture wide and deep My eyes have been cast open No more perchance to weep Contractual perponderance Forever sworn to reek A new frontier is beckoning Not useful to the meek Magnicient meanderings Goodbye… Continue reading MAGNIFICENT MEANDERINGS

The Doolittle Chronicles

VESPERTINE – Another chapter from the Doolittle Chronicles

Vespertine was a ladybug who desperately wanted to be noticed. She wore high black stilleto heels most of the time, as an attempt to make herself appear somewhat taller and perhaps more authorative when she walked. Slim and petite as most ladybugs are, she knew she was also a source of good fortune to those… Continue reading VESPERTINE – Another chapter from the Doolittle Chronicles

home grown stories


I am constantly in awe of the human brain and the memories it is able to store. The minutia of thought and emotions, a mere smell or quick turn of my head can evoke the most vivid of memories or recollection of a time gone by in my short and relatively uneventful life. Opening the… Continue reading SMELLS LIKE 5TH GRADE



    After leaving my son's house and visiting with our new grandbaby, my beloved and I left in our separate cars to make our way home.  Having both arrived from different locations,  we visited with Aunt Marion in the nursing home first, and then stopped by my son’s house for a quick peek at the baby.… Continue reading CB LOVE



The shortest sentence in the bible comes from verse John 11:35: “Jesus wept.” It was in response to standing at the tomb of his dear friend upon arriving at Bethany, the home of Martha & Mary. Lazarus had already been laid to rest for four days when Jesus proclaimed "Lazarus, come out!" The dead man… Continue reading NEW EYES OF LAZARUS