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The evening breeze was cool and expected, reminding everyone the end of September would soon draw to a close. Although it was windy, the party was held outside. It was a combination of party of sorts – to commemorate achievements and sorrow in a way only this family can do. It was a high school… Continue reading MESSAGES TO HEAVEN


A SACRED WALK – For my Mormon friends

Several miles from the four corners of the Four Churches in the Town of Palmyra lies the Joseph Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove. A natural old growth forest in easy walking distance from the boyhood home of Joseph Smith, Jr., it has been preserved and maintained as hallowed ground. Although the exact location where… Continue reading A SACRED WALK – For my Mormon friends

home grown stories


The air was cool and crisp as we sat on the flatbed, covered with hay and pulled by the farmer's tractor. Four of them, filled to the brim with people of all sizes, all sat huddled together on this cold and windy Sunday afternoon. Covered with blankets and sleeping bags pulled up to our necks,… Continue reading APPLESAUCE

home grown stories


October. The leaves on the great Maple trees were so yellow, they looked like sticks of butter. Yellow and bright, they were everywhere I looked, behind me and before me, for miles and miles and miles, interspersed between the Birch and Pine trees. I was standing at the bottom of the gorge with Riley's Dad,… Continue reading THE BUTTER LEAVES OF LETCHWORTH

home grown stories


It was a warm rainy morning, the dampness of autumn not yet chilling the air with its long cool fingers wrapped around the moisture of the day in a rich embrace. I had opened the shop at 10:00 a.m as usual, but did not hold out much hope that I would be seeing a soul… Continue reading NINETY THREE YEARS BOLD

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With the parade of celebrities and public figures passing away this year, seemingly one after the other, it makes me wonder why I felt their death so strongly. Although I will agree Michael Jackson certainly had issues, I loved his music and enjoyed witnessing the passion with which he sang. Actress Natasha Richardson’s fatal skiing… Continue reading EYES OPEN

home grown stories


It is officially sock weather. The sun rose low, red and glowing. Casting an eerie glow on the water, it caught my eye while making coffee early this morning, and I realized I was cold. I very rarely wear shoes in the summer, and the most I'll allow on my feet is a Dr. Scholl's… Continue reading SOCK IT TO ME

home grown stories


One of my most vivid memories as a young mother was the amount of laundry I had to do. I did the wash every day. Since I had five children by the age of 29, I had a fairly large load every morning. Between the sheets, towels and their father & my personal things, it… Continue reading CLEAN AND FRESH