home grown stories

A Family Affair

Mary "Muffy" Zeger has written a children's booked titled "Squirrels Don't Burp - And Other Fun Facts About God's Creation". A retired high school teacher, Muffy's fascination and devotion to animals started early; her father, Charlie Costello, instilled the love and appreciation for all things on four legs when she and her siblings were very… Continue reading A Family Affair

home grown stories

The Eyes Have It

When did eyebrows become a thing?  Usually viewed as an afterthought, my experimentation with makeup at 15 years old consisted of black eyeliner and blush, with pink lipstick to pull it all together.  Eyebrows were just ‘there’ never really serving a purpose, and certainly not used as a statement. For the majority of my adult years… Continue reading The Eyes Have It

home grown stories

Friday Before Christmas

The supermarket was crowded the Friday afternoon before Christmas. I knew it would be, and I specifically waited until then to do my holiday food shopping. All the gifts were wrapped and placed strategically under the Christmas tree.  Gifts for the out of town grands were mailed and on their way.  Gift cards for their parents… Continue reading Friday Before Christmas

home grown stories

Apple Cider Memories

One of my favorite drinks is Apple Cider. You would think living in apple country would afford me the opportunity to drinking it whenever my heart desires, but I don’t. Apple Juice can never be as extravagant as Apple Cider. To my mind there’s an unwritten rule we only drink it in the Fall, at… Continue reading Apple Cider Memories

home grown stories

Another Harold, Another Time

  Our yearly anniversary/vacation to the Thousand Islands region in Upstate (WAY Upstate) New York has come and gone. It is the place where my husband proposed to me, and the continuation of a yearly practice of his childhood.   He'd been traveling with his family to the towns of Clayton and Alex Bay since he… Continue reading Another Harold, Another Time

home grown stories

George & Bob Stories – Boys is Boys, Cats is Cats

George and Bob were brothers. One was older than the other. But I forget which one. One day Bob saw the neighbors cat Tuesday sitting outside on the window sill of his house. I wonder how he got up there?  Bob thought to himself. As if reading his mind, Tuesday picked his head up, jumped down… Continue reading George & Bob Stories – Boys is Boys, Cats is Cats

Easter Stories

Bending With The Wind

The pink and white tablecloth has been laundered and folded, put away on the shelf for the next Easter holiday gathering. The green and yellow grass remnants from full chocolate filled baskets handled by little hands (and not so little hands) are securely wrapped around the dust of the day in the vacuum cleaner canister. The yellow and pink… Continue reading Bending With The Wind