I didn’t think it would have an effect on me, but I guess it does. I’ll be turning 65 years old this year.  I can’t see how, I still feel like I’m 30. Notices from AARP have been coming in the mail since I turned 50, but I’ve always ignored them.  That organization was for […]

The Porcupine Tree

Over the years I’ve hosted a variety of different Christmas trees. Some were artificial, standing at attention and rescued from the oblong box in the corner of the basement waiting to serve yet another holiday season. Some were fresh and overpriced, the kind you get from a corner lot assembled by the Boy Scouts or […]

A Family Affair

Mary “Muffy” Zeger has written a children’s booked titled “Squirrels Don’t Burp – And Other Fun Facts About God’s Creation”. A retired high school teacher, Muffy’s fascination and devotion to animals started early; her father, Charlie Costello, instilled the love and appreciation for all things on four legs when she and her siblings were very […]

The Eyes Have It

When did eyebrows become a thing?  Usually viewed as an afterthought, my experimentation with makeup at 15 years old consisted of black eyeliner and blush, with pink lipstick to pull it all together.  Eyebrows were just ‘there’ never really serving a purpose, and certainly not used as a statement. For the majority of my adult years […]